Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventures in Vitamixin'

Everyday when I walk into the kitchen, my giant fancy-pants blender stares at me, willing me to use it. And I do. But a greens smoothie in the morning really isn't using this "hot-rod" machine to its full potential.
So all of a sudden I find myself just throwing things into it. Such as a cup of frozen almonds, a dash of cinnamon, a glug of maple syrup and a scoop of coconut oil. I turn it on and as the sound of an airplane taking off fills my house I watch as the almonds are pureed into perfectly creamy butter.
Satisfied, I pack up a jar to give as a gift and one more to store in the fridge to spread on tortillas, blend into smoothies, simmer into savory sauces, and eat just by the spoonful as the craving hits.

While this batch was deeeelicious, I am excited to tweak it and make it better. Not to mention all the possible new flavor combinations...

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